A nose job–or rhinoplasty–surgery often elicits fear and anxiety because of the nose’s prominence on our faces. However, rhinoplasty is a fairly routine procedure not worthy of such worries. 

For many, rhinoplasty becomes a medical necessity due to a deviated septum, blocked airway, or health conditions, like sleep apnea. In these cases, a nose job helps patients breathe better and can often alleviate some health problems altogether. These surgeries are routine and performed daily as outpatient surgeries that are not serious in nature.

Rhinoplasty also remains as one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures. While the actual surgical technique varies based on the structures of the nose that need addressed, a rhinoplasty does not always require fracturing the bone. In some cases, you can achieve similar results non-surgically. 

The best way to alleviate anxiety before a nose job is to choose a board-certified and experienced facial plastic surgeon like Dr. David Santos. Dr. Santos holds multiple board certifications and has performed thousands of facial plastic surgeries over his career. He previously spearheaded a national chain of facial plastic surgery facilities and still frequently called upon to educate in his field. 

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