The neck and face take the brunt of aging. From sagging skin, wrinkles, and uneven fat deposits, the neck can carry many cosmetic concerns. Patients looking to correct neck banding and sagging often become confused at the term “platysmaplasty”. Is that the technical term for a neck lift? Is it something else? What is platysmaplasty?

Named after the platysma muscles in the front of the neck, a platysmaplasty tightens these muscles to correct banding and aging. While it can be performed on its own and is technically a separate procedure, platysmaplasty is most commonly performed in conjunction with a traditional neck lift. 

When combined with a neck lift, Dr. Santos tightens the platysma muscles and then cuts away extra skin to provide a lifted more youthful look. Correcting and tightening the platysma muscles can treat a variety of concerns such as sagging and bulging skin, also known as the “turkey neck”. Additionally, this can also improve the look of the jawline and lower face, especially when combined with a facelift

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