c’est moi asks:

“How many Facelifts does one get in life (without looking like Joan Rivers)? I’ve heard the max is 3 to 4. Do mini facelifts count? Hopefully they’re only a 1/2!  Thanks in advance for all posted answers!”

The overwhelming majority of average individuals who desire to have aesthetic improvement will have only one facelift.  Having a  second facelift is not that common relatively speaking when you look at the vast majority of people seeking aesthetic improvement.  More often, additional types of aesthetic procedures will be requested and provided, such as Botox, Restylane, microdermabrasion and laser peels.

Those individuals that do seek a repeat procedure or repeat facelift do so after 10 or 15 years after having the initial one.  In this light, the maximum number that one could have is influenced by the time period in which it is appropriate to have one.  It is generally quite rare for individuals to desire more than a third facelift.

I think desiring more than two or three facelifts is an aberration.  There are individuals who desire to change their appearance on a frequent basis and this can lead to more than two or three facelifts, though this is not recommended.  – David Santos MD, FACS