Skin quality is one of the most important–and most overlooked–factors in aging and facelift results. Maintaining and improving your skin quality after a facelift promotes less visible scars, longer lasting results, and a better overall appearance. Below are some of the best non-surgical procedures for maintaining your skin after a facelift.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a resurfacing procedure that removes the upper layers of skin to reveal new, smoother skin below. This also can remove dead skin, address scarring, and prevent wrinkles. As one of the top esthetic procedures in the country, chemical peels can benefit adults of all ages, including post-facelift patients.


Microneedling is one of the most powerful skincare procedures. Creating microscopic holes in the skin, microneedling promotes collagen production which can fill in acne scarring, fine lines, and overall improve skin quality. Loss of collagen is one of the biggest causes of aging and microneedling helps your body naturally increase collagen production. The procedure is also commonly used to treat surgical scars.

Oxygen Facial

An oxygen facial is a gentler procedure that can soothe and cleanse the skin on a more frequent basis. While chemical peels and microneedling need to be spread further apart, oxygen facials can be performed weekly. This is a great in-between procedure to keep your skin glowing and healthy. 

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