There are many times when a particular individual may want to make a difference in their appearance but a full facelift is not appropriate.  In fact avoidance of surgery is attractive to many.  Many factors go into this individual decision: surgery is not inexpensive, and health concerns weigh in on a surgery decision.  A liquid face lift utilizes a combination of botox and filler to achieve a rejuvenation that is very satisfactory for the appropriate individual.  A common filler is restylane which is placed strategically in the face.  Particular areas often addressed are the laugh lines, the cheeks, the subcheek area (submalar area) and the periorbital rim (the eye hollow).  Botox is placed strategically in the between the brow glabellar area and crow’s feet region.  Additional areas are treated as needed.  Varying amounts of botox (or dysport) and resylane (or sculptra, juvederm, radiesse as alternatives) are utilized.  The key is that a good effort filler-botox injection will provide a full face rejuvenation that mimics a face lift, but without the surgery.