Nose job surgery has remained in the top five most popular plastic surgeries for decades. However, as plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures evolve, patients start to wonder if it is possible to achieve the results they want without surgery. While Dr. Santos specializes in facial plastic surgery, he also can discuss your candidacy and the viability of non-surgical procedures. So, “Is there a nose job without surgery?”

In short, yes, non-surgical nose jobs are possible. They are most commonly performed with dermal fillers and are meant to address more minor concerns. For example, if a patient is only concerned with an unwanted hump on their nose, the filler can easily correct this. Though, it will not provide a permanent correction.

Only rhinoplasty surgery can provide permanent results. Additionally, if breathing problems are present, while non-surgical methods can sometimes improve the cosmetic look and make minor adjustments to breathing capability, it is not long term. Surgery is the best solution in these cases. 

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