A rhinoplasty—or a nose job—is frequently performed on younger patients and some who may not have otherwise sought cosmetic surgery. Thus, rhinoplasty patients tend to have more questions than those seeking surgery purely for cosmetic reasons such as a facelift. One common question is, “Is rhinoplasty a painful surgery?”

The surgical procedure itself is performed under general anesthesia. This means patients will not feel any pain during the procedure itself and often on the day of surgery as the anesthetics wear off in the hours after surgery. Following this, patients may experience some minor pain and discomfort. Dr. Santos does provide a painkiller prescription to help patients manage.

With that said, even the most aggressive of nose job surgeries tend to involve only a few days of pain that requires prescription medications. Dr. Santos does usually insert soft splits in the nasal cavities to prevent movement of the nose. This means the patient will need to breathe through their mouth and this can cause some minor discomfort. The splint is usually removed at the one week post-operative appointment.

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