Eimel in Gold Coast asks:

“I had a Sculptra injection and am supposed to have 1 more in 6 weeks, the doctor’s idea was to make my skin stronger so he can do a threadlift. After doing some research I think this is not for me and I’d like to go back to my original idea of having a traditional facelift – but I am now worried that if I get a facelift when my skin is a bit tighter from the Sculptra treatment it will sag again in 1-2 years once the Sculptra wears off. Can this be a problem after just 1 Sculptra injection?”

It is safe to have a facelift after Sculptra.

Sculptra is a quite successful filling agent that provides fullness to the face and lasts for a prolonged period of time.  Some feel two years and some researchers and physicians feel that it lasts even longer.  It is actually difficult to absolutely state the time that an individual Sculptra might dissipate, if at all.  It does not simply go away completely at two years.

The best time to choose to do a facelift should not be influenced by when fillers such as Sculptra might wear off.  When there are significant sagging components to the face, particularly jowls and neck area, the best remedy is for a facelift.  Indeed many individuals undergo a facelift and also have concomitant filling, whether fat grafting, Sculptra or other fillers such as Restylane.  This provides additional rejuvenation.  If you have a facelift now, there will be changes over time that are for the most part unpredictable.

The best answer is to have a facelift now and as time goes along consider supplemental rejuvenation treatments as needed and as recommended by your physician, such as additional Sculptra or additional other fillers.  On the other hand, if you wait for the Sculptra end point, when all the Sculptra is dissipated, the time period of this waiting period could be two years, could be several years and is unpredictable.

By David Q. Santos, MD -Real Plastic Surgery