A nose job is one of the most frequently performed facial plastic surgeries. It is the only surgery known to alter the nose permanently and significantly. However, not all cosmetic concerns of the nose require surgery. For example, a hump on the nose can often be corrected with a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Is it possible to straighten your nose without surgery?

Straightening the nose may refer to a few different goals. First, if a patient wants to straighten the bridge of their nose from the profile view, injecting filler during a non-surgical rhinoplasty can usually achieve the look the patient wants. However, if the nose is crooked from a break or from birth, this may not be entirely correctable with non-surgical methods.

Sometimes a non-surgical rhinoplasty can enhance the tip or bridge of the nose in such a way that it hides or temporarily corrects the look of a crooked nose. However, this is usually in cases where the nose is only slightly crooked. Dr. Santos can determine whether a traditional rhinoplasty or non-surgical nose job would best address your concerns and goals. 

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