There are a wide variety of cosmetic injectables that can enhance facial features. The main two categories are neuromodulators and dermal fillers. Most people are familiar with dermal fillers, especially since the popularity of filler procedures like lip fillers has grown in the last few years. In everyday speech, ‘fillers’ has now almost become synonymous with any cosmetic injection. This can cause some understandable confusion when patients come into our office for fillers and end up getting BOTOX. Is BOTOX a dermal filler?

No, BOTOX is not a dermal filler. BOTOX belongs to the aforementioned category of neuromodulators. In short, neuromodulators temporarily and partially paralyze facial muscles to prevent wrinkles from forming, getting worse, and showing when making certain facial expressions. Unlike fillers, they do not add volume to the face, though in some cases BOTOX may appear to have that effect.

Fillers add volume to the face. It most commonly treats areas that naturally hollow over time, deep wrinkles, and areas that patients may desire more volume. Fillers tend to address the lower face while BOTOX can treat all areas of the face. That said, the most common areas for BOTOX are in the upper face.

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