Is A Brow Lift Permanent?

A brow lift is an anti-aging facial plastic surgery that addresses wrinkles and extra skin on the forehead. This extra and loose skin often causes the brows to lower from their natural position or sag. Therefore, the procedure “lifts” the brows by removing unnecessary skin and tightening the rest. This can obviously help patients look years younger and thus, they ask, “Is a brow lift permanent?”

Unfortunately, no medical procedure can stop the aging process. You will continue to age and see the skin begin to grow lax again over the years. However, it takes several years, if not over a decade, for the brow lift to return to your starting anatomy. By the time this occurs, you will likely still look much younger than your peers because you will still look an average of a decade younger.

Some patients will seek out another brow lift later on to maintain the most youthful results possible. Though, this is not possible for all patients. So, while the results are not permanent, a brow lift does have permanent effects that often keep brow lift patients looking younger for longer.

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