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Q: “I had a face lift and a neck lift a month ago. As a result, I now have what appears to be a small rope around 1/2 of my neck. Additional my right side of my face is far more doopy than my left, ( which is good). I go back to the Dr. in 10 days for my 6 week evaluation. Is this something that he should fix? “


A: It has been approximately five weeks since the procedure and generally at this time healing issues, bumps and lumps and “ropey” appearance problems have resolved.  However in a small percentage of individuals this can be a persistent manifestation.  Bumps and lumps and ropey appearance can last longer than five weeks, even into the three month mark.  Generally, according to the appearance of the picture, there is no evidence of infection and this is simply an area that is going to take longer to heal.  The reasons this happens is sometimes unexplainable, sometimes related to the way bandages are placed or it can occur with slow accumulation of fluid and/or blood into the tissues underneath the skin.  Ongoing observation is still the mainstay of treatment.  Massage can be beneficial I believe and sometimes ultrasound treatment to the area can help accelerate the wound healing process. 

David Q. Santos, MD

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

3 thoughts on “I Have What Looks Like A Rope Around My Neck Following Facelift/Necklift

  1. why is there way to contact your office by phone anymore and no contact link on this site? I am a patient of yours and you were going to perform a surgery to relieve sleep apnea when I was transferred and had to postpone. Now i need to schedule and I cannot contact your offices where are you? Why such a fancy website and no way to schedule an appointment? help 509 378 9093

  2. I have had a facelift & I had no scars, this man doesn’t even look like he had a facelift. I think he looks terrible. I guess I had one of the best, Dr. Frank Welsh. Very little swelling, no brusing, & no scars at all, no one even knew. I had it done in 2005 & if I had the money now I would do it again. I never heard of a neck looking like that, but I guess that is what U get if U don’t shop around for the right doctor.

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