When it comes to facial aging, the focus often tends to shift to the lower face where sagging often looks more prominent. In these cases, a facelift or neck lift can correct lower face sagging For some, however, brow sagging can contribute more to aging than the lower face.

Usually, the first signs of aging appear in the brow area. Lines and wrinkles on the glabella and forehead can show up in your 20s. Most of the time, BOTOX or similar products can begin treating these lines and wrinkles to prevent their formation. As you continue into your 50s and 60s, however, even with good skincare and use of neurotoxins, you may notice a droopy brow. 

In some people, this droop is only slight and sometimes can be adequately addressed with neurotoxins or non-surgical procedures. However, in some cases, brow sagging causes vision obstructions or changes the positioning of the brow. This can lead to an all around tired and angry appearance that ages you.

Brow lift surgeries are a non-invasive procedure that lifts the skin and muscle of the brow. This can tighten the area for a naturally younger looking appearance. It can also sometimes resolve vision problems caused by brow sagging. During a consultation with Dr. Santos, you can discuss the final look you want and your brow lift options.

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