Dermal filler injections have no major recovery requirements or time. However, you do need to use caution after the procedure to let the filler settle and promote the best results. Sometimes after filler injections, your injector may advise you not to apply or wear makeup for a specific amount of time. With many patients wearing makeup daily, they often ask, “How soon after fillers can you wear makeup?”

The answer depends on the location of your filler and the type of filler you received. In some cases, you can apply makeup on the same day. Applying light gloss or chapstick can be done carefully after lip filler, for example. Often, as long as any bleeding of the injection sites has ceased, you can carefully apply makeup. This is typically not long after the application of filler. 

If you receive filler in the jaw, tear troughs, or temples, you may want to exercise extra caution. Additionally, if you received a particularly malleable filler, you will also want to not touch the area until it settles. Some filler injections may benefit from massaging during aftercare, however, others should be left alone. When this is the case, it is best to leave these areas alone for at least a day or two. 

Normally, patients can apply makeup the next day, especially if they need to cover any swelling or bruising that may occur. As long as you do so lightly and follow the instructions of your provider, makeup is usually not an issue after dermal fillers. 

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