Like any surgery, prospective facelift patients often have concerns about post-operative pain. Considering that facelift surgery is a major procedure, patients can expect some post-operative pain. Dr. Santos does also prescribe pain medications to take following surgery. Let’s look at just, “How painful is a facelift?”

Every patient can expect a different amount of pain since it is subjective. However, those who undergo multiple surgeries at once, or those who had a more extensive facelift, can expect to feel more pain and discomfort than those who underwent a mini facelift. Though, many of Dr. Santos’ facelift patients find a limited need for their pain medications a few days after surgery. 

Dr. Santos’ technique of using local anesthesia can also help reduce pain. Many of the negative effects of surgery come from general anesthesia. These can be completely or mostly eliminated with the use of local anesthesia. Side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and other possible side effects are often reduced. 

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