A deep plane facelift is a modification of the current SMAS facelift that involves lifting both the skin and muscles. The procedure may sound more invasive than previous facelift techniques, but it is actually less invasive than the current procedure. Let’s look at the question, “How painful is a deep plane facelift?”

Like a SMAS facelift, a deep plane facelift lifts the skin and muscles of the face to promote a more youthful appearance. With the current techniques, the skin and muscle are lifted separately, this requires more excision and trauma to the skin and muscle. Still, it is not excessive and is often performed under local anesthesia with a relatively easy recovery for many patients.

A deep plane facelift foregoes much of this extra excision and instead lifts the skin and muscles as one and together. This does still involve releasing some of the ligaments but is considered much less invasive. Thus, the procedure can still be performed under local anesthesia with Dr. Santos.

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