Fat transfer to the face is a facial plastic surgery procedure that takes fat from elsewhere on the body and transfers it into hollowed regions of the face. Typically, this treats aging and sometimes hollowing associated with certain diseases or disorders. It is often performed in lieu of dermal fillers, or to provide longer lasting results than fillers. But, how long does fat transfer to the face last?

Over the several weeks following surgery, the transferred fat will start building a blood supply. The fat that successfully does this will act like all the other fat in your body. In contrast, the fat that does not create a healthy blood supply will get absorbed by the body. It is expected that around 70% of the transferred fat will survive.

Once the fat roots itself in the face, it will act like all the other fat on your body. Therefore, the procedure is considered permanent, but with one small caveat. Major changes in weight can affect the look of the fat transferred into the face. Most of the time, Dr. Santos recommends that patients are at a stable weight before undergoing surgery.

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