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By Larry Rondeau, Medical and Science Writer with Dr. David Santos


The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that in 2014, plastic surgeons performed 1.7 million cosmetic surgical procedures in the US, including 128,000 facelifts. How does it feel to get a facelift?


I asked Roni Graham, a patient of Dr. David Santos.  Dr. Santos is a highly experienced facial plastic surgeon and formerly served as west coast Medical Director for Lifestyle Lift.  He has performed over 4,000 facelift procedures, making him a highly qualified expert.


Roni told me that her jawline had started to sag and she had developed loose skin on her neck.  “I kept looking at myself in the mirror,” she said.  “I always want to look and be the best I can be.  I eat healthy, exercise, walk regularly.  But it would be nice to look as good as you feel.  In my head I feel like I’m 20.  I’m a grandmother, but why do I have to look like an old grumpy grandma?”


“I do property management, and I work with a lot of people of all ages,” she continued.  “I have to be there as the representative of the owner, and I have to meet people.  You want to look your best.”


Daughter to the rescue


Roni found a solution to her sagging skin. “My daughter is a dental assistant,” she related.  “One of her patients came into the office” and looked noticeably better.  “My daughter asked her, “What did you do?”  She had gone to Dr. Santos.  She was a doctor’s wife, and most doctors won’t let their wives go to someone who’s not good.” So Roni scheduled an appointment of her own.


She immediately liked Dr. Santos and his staff.  “Everyone is so personable,” she said.  She needed a lower facelift to firm her jawline and neck and a dermabrasion to improve the look of her skin.  Once she realized that the cost would be affordable and that she could finance it, Roni was ready to schedule her surgery.







“I haven’t regretted it one day,” Roni told me. “There was absolutely no pain at all.”  Dr. Santos “cut around my ear, and inside my ear, but you can’t even see it,” she said.  Recovery took about 10 days, with optimum results coming in 6-9 months.


“Nobody came up to me and said they saw a difference,” she relates.  “I had to go meet one of my tenants and she said, “You look good today.”  A doctor I know said I looked revitalized and asked, “What did you do?”  When she got together with friends, “one gal said, “You don’t have any wrinkles.”  “A lot of people will say, “You look good.” “What did you do?”  “It’s subtle, it looks very natural.”  What many do not understand is that facelifts are not just for the Hollywood elite, but to those who are motivated to look and feel at their best.  The number of individuals seeking and receiving a facelift or minilift has increased over the years:


How does she feel now?

Roni reported, “I feel great!  I think I look now the way I feel.  I’m not trying to cover up my jaw with my hair.”  I feel awesome…When I told Dr. Santos how much I love my facelift, he said, “I love my job.”

She concluded, “If there are things that bother you about your face, you shouldn’t be afraid to get information.  Talk to somebody – talk to Dr. Santos.  The price and the payments can all be worked out.  You won’t know if you can do it unless you find out.  Ordinary people can do this.”

Dr. David Santos, MD, FACS is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon. He can be found at his Bellevue, Washington surgical practice, Facial Beauty.  



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