Modern brow lift surgery is fairly non-invasive. However, it is still considered a major surgery and may require some preparation. Once Dr. Santos determines that you are a good candidate for brow lift surgery, he will provide you with personalized preparations to take based on your medical history. So, how do you prepare for a brow lift?

Depending on factors such as your age and medical history, Dr. Santos may request that you acquire certain medical clearances or tests. For most brow lift surgeries that require this, the clearances are fairly standard and simple, but some may require seeing a specialist for a particular condition.

Beyond this, Dr. Santos may want you to temporarily cease taking certain medications or supplements up to a week or so before surgery. If this is not possible, he will discuss the options with you. Often this is not extensive and not strictly necessary. In some cases, Dr. Santos may want you to start taking medications prior to surgery as well.

Finally, all patients undergoing major surgery should make arrangements to take time off work, have a caregiver, find childcare if necessary, and work to make their space clean and comfortable for their recovery. This helps avoid patients from doing too much activity after surgery and can make recovery all around more comfortable.

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