It may seem impossible to hide facelift scarring well because it is altering such a visible part of the body. However, over the decades, facial plastic surgeons have revolutionized facelift surgery to include minimal, hidden incisions. Dr. David Santos is one of these surgeons with decades of facelift surgery experience behind him that allows him to create hidden and minimized facelift scarring. How do surgeons minimize scarring during a facelift?

The first way surgeons minimize scarring is by choosing the right facelift for each patient. There is no need to perform a full facelift on a patient who can benefit from a mini facelift. This keeps the incision smaller and localized. From there, this can help minimize the overall scarring. 

After this, most facelift incisions are hidden behind the ear. This keeps them hidden and can follow the natural creases and folds. As far as minimization from there, they will use the most modern surgical techniques which keep facelift incisions thin. To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 206-430-1035. You can also reach out online via chat, contact form, or Price Simulator.