Surgical laser resurfacing can address more advanced aging as well as many skin conditions. Thus, it is a common addition to other procedures and performed on its own. Undergoing surgery requires preparation, so, how do I prepare for laser resurfacing?

First, Dr. Santos may ask you to receive medical clearances. This is not always necessary, but factors such as your age and medical history will be taken into consideration when making this decision. This is one aspect of preparation Dr. Santos may recommend. He may also tell you to stop taking certain medications before surgery if possible.

Secondly, if you use any retinoids, you will need to cease their use for a few weeks before your laser resurfacing procedure. Dr. Santos may also recommend stopping the use of other skin products that could cause further skin irritation. Once you have healed, you can usually resume your full skin routine.

Finally, while skin resurfacing does not come with major downtime, getting your house clean and things in order will make your recovery more comfortable and easier overall. You can learn more and schedule a consultation by calling 206-430-1035. You can also reach out online via chat, contact form, or Price Simulator.