Any surgery requires some preparation, even minimally invasive ones such as facelifts. Dr. Santos will provide each patient with specific preparation instructions based on their medical history and procedure. Here are some of the basic answers to the question, “How do I prepare for a facelift?”

First, Dr. Santos may require certain medical clearances before you undergo your facelift. While not always necessary, Dr. Santos will tell you if needed. You need to provide these clearances at or before your pre-operative appointment. These are more likely to be needed if you have certain medical conditions or medical history that could increase the risks of facelift surgery.

Second, make all of the necessary arrangements. This includes making sure that you have a caregiver, taking the needed time off work, cleaning the house beforehand, making travel and lodging arrangements if needed, and any others necessary for your procedure.

Finally, make sure to follow the instructions provided at your pre-operative appointment. For example, wearing clothing that does need to be pulled over your head, removing jewelry, and more. Depending on the type of anesthesia, you may be able to eat on the day of surgery.

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