The traditional method for tightening the eyelids is blepharoplasty surgery. However, this is not always necessary depending on your concerns, age, and anatomy. Dr. Santos can determine if a blepharoplasty–or eyelid lift–is the best option, or if you would better benefit from a non-surgical eyelid tightening procedure. So, how can I tighten my eyelids without surgery? Let’s look at the most popular ways.


If muscle movements or drooping brows contribute to your eyelid sagging, BOTOX can often lift this area by limiting the amount of movement in the area. This can slightly raise the eyebrows and the area just above the upper eyelid. If the lower eyelids are your main concern, BOTOX usually does not treat this area. 

Under Eye Filler

Occasionally, the under eye area can benefit from tear trough filler which plumps up the area and may reduce the look of sagging. Filler will not address more advanced sagging, but can improve the overall look of the under eyes. 

Temple Filler

When it comes to the eyes in general, temple filler can lift them into a more youthful position. While slight, this can complement other anti-aging procedures and address wrinkles in the area as well.

Overall, the best option for eyelid tightening will depend on the severity of the sagging or extra skin in the area. Dr. Santos can determine if surgical or non-surgical techniques will yield you the best results. 

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