Facelift surgeries come in many different types and varieties. Dr. David Santos is an expert facelift surgeon capable of performing all types of facelifts. Prior to surgery, patients can become overwhelmed by the many facelifts available. What types of facelifts are there?

Starting with the least invasive technique, a mini facelift utilizes a smaller incision to pull the skin and facial muscles tight. Not every mini facelift will address the underlying muscle structures. Like a traditional facelift, the incision is usually located behind or in front of the ear. The main difference between a mini facelift and a facelift is that the incision is significantly shorter.

Next, the standard facelift is the surgery most commonly associated with facelifts. This surgery consists of an incision that starts behind the ear and curves around it. A standard facelift will usually correct sagging skin and muscle structures. This procedure is usually performed for patients who have more than the early signs of aging.

Finally, the next type of surgical facelift is an extended facelift. An extended facelift uses a similar technique to a standard facelift. It may also include more incisions and a larger incision near the ear. However, this type of facelift usually provides the most dramatic results. 

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