Facelift surgery comes in many forms including the mini, full, and extended facelift. The full facelift is the most commonly performed technique. While every facelift surgery differs based on individual needs, many patients wonder: what does a full facelift include?

In general, patients can expect a full facelift to address their lower face, some of the midface, and possibly the neck. A mini facelift focuses on the lower face. However, a full facelift will correct the structures more extensively. 

Additionally, a full facelift typically involves more skin removal and treatment than a mini facelift. While any facelift can include liposuction, a full facelift will more likely include more areas and remove more fat than a mini facelift. 

Compared to the extended facelift, a full facelift use well hidden incisions. While longer than those of a mini facelift, they are still typically hidden within the natural contours of the ear. 

When it comes to, what does a full facelift include? The answer will depend on your anatomy and the causes of your facial sagging. Generally speaking, a full facelift will address your full lower face and jowls with correction possible in the neck and midface.

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