It is understandable that patients may feel nervous before undergoing a facelift. When researching or discussing the risks, patients may wonder, “Is a facelift dangerous?” Since a facelift is an elective surgery, patients often become more nervous about the possible risks of a facelift. Dr. David Santos can discuss these risks with you and the ways he mitigates them before, during, and after surgery. With modern surgical methods and innovative techniques, a facelift is largely a safe procedure. 

While a facelift comes with a few risks, Dr. Santos mitigates and reduces the risk in many ways. The first way is through thorough patient screening. At a consultation, Dr. Santos will review your medical history, anatomy, and lifestyle to ensure that you have a low risk of any major complications. 

Next, during surgery, Dr. Santos performs the majority of his facelifts under local anesthesia. This means that patients remain comfortable and do not feel pain, but are not fully sedated. This eliminates the risks of general anesthesia which is often a concern for older patients and those with certain conditions. 

Finally, after surgery, Dr. Santos may prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection. He will also continue to monitor you in the weeks and months following surgery. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Santos, call us at 206-430-1035. You can also reach us online through our contact forms, chat, or Price Simulator™