Aging is one of the inevitable aspects of growing older. A mini facelift is one procedure that can turn back time and provide a more youthful look. Following a mini facelift in Seattle, however, aging does not stop. The face will continue to age even after a facelift. This leaves many patients seeking mini facelifts with the question: how long does a mini facelift last?

The effects of a mini facelift should lead to a more youthful appearance for many years. While mini facelift results can make patients look up to ten years younger, this effect often continues with aging. For example, ten years following a facelift, the appearance of the face may still look overall younger than people the same age who did not have a facelift. 

The length of time the final results of a mini facelift lasts is individual to every patient. Some patients may enjoy their results for their lifetime. Maintaining facelift results often requires a healthy lifestyle and dedicated skincare. Dr. Santos can describe the best way to see long lasting results.

Overall, a mini facelift alters the facial appearance to provide a more youthful look. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Santos, call us at 206-430-1035 or contact us online.