Blepharoplasty–upper, lower, or both–is a facial plastic surgery that removes extra skin and fat deposits that collect on and around the eyelids. Usually, this is associated with age, although some may experience this due to medical or genetic factors. Plastic surgeons and ophthalmologists often recommend blepharoplasty surgery to remove this. Once this is recommended, one common question is often asked, “Is blepharoplasty safe?”

Every surgery–elective or otherwise–comes with some risk. Complications of general anesthesia, bleeding, and complications related to health problems are immediate surgical risks. Risks during recovery can include prolonged pain, swelling, skin death,  blood clots, and others Dr. Santos can discuss. 

Dr. Santos is a highly experienced and trained facial plastic surgeon who specializes in reducing the risks of blepharoplasty in Seattle. First, he can usually utilize local anesthesia which does not carry many of the same risks as general anesthesia. This also can make surgery safer for patients with certain health problems.

Additionally, Dr. Santos will perform the surgery efficiently and with the best surgical technique for a safe and relatively quick procedure. He will also take other precautions before, during, and after surgery such as thorough patient screening and antibiotics.

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