In April 2015, the FDA approved of the use of an injectable called Kybella for reduction of fat.  Kybella is a deoxycholic acid that is injected into the submentum double chin area to reduce fat successfully.

Certainly we know that there are many individuals who are significantly discouraged by their appearance in the under the neck area.  The submental double chin fullness is aesthetically displeasing and creates an un-harmonious imbalance of the attractive facial and neck aesthetic appearance.  So often when the under-neck fullness causes us to appear older and heavier.  Reduction of this fullness with injections provides a nice aesthetic improvement without surgery.






Approximately two to four visits are required for treatment to the area.  Injections are performed into the submental area and each session takes approximately 15 minutes.  Treatments can be performed a month apart.  There has been some questioning and hope that the injections not only reduce the fullness and reduce the adipose tissue, but it also would tighten the skin there.  The jury is not essentially out on this.  However, some researchers feel that there was some tightening and others have felt that there isn’t any tightening.  Likely, if there is any tightening, it is not of any real noticeable significance.  Nonetheless, this could be secondary benefit in some instances.


There had been over 20 clinical studies on 2500 to 3000 individuals worldwide and a 79% satisfaction has been achieved after two to four treatment sessions.


Kybella is approved for the submental area but not in other areas of the body.


Importantly, an expert and experienced aesthetic physician is required to provide treatment in this specific area in a finessed fashion so as to achieve a nice contour effect and also to stay away from the important structures in the neck area including the salivary glands and important nerves to the mouth area.

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