Maintaining plastic surgery results, such as after facelift surgery, is understandably one of the top priorities for patients. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely stop aging, even with plastic surgery your face and body will continue to age. But, does skin age faster after a facelift?

No, your skin should age at the same rate as before facelift surgery. You can further slow aging by taking good care of your skin, undergoing laser resurfacing, using retinoids, and living a healthy lifestyle. After several years, it may seem like an aged appearance suddenly appeared. However, it likely still crept in over time like the original aging.

If you regularly get Botox and filler injections, this can also distort aging that occurs. You become used to the results from injectables and when you do not refresh them, the look of your actual age can be startingly. However, these expectations and concerns can all be managed in the office with Dr. Santos.

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