A septoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects a deviated septum. This relatively common anatomy can hinder breathing, cause sinus problems, and worsen many medical conditions. Others may have no complications or symptoms. Due to the septum’s location within the nose and sometimes the visibility of a deviated septum, patients tend to wonder, “Does septoplasty change your face?”

The answer is that it depends, but probably not. A deviated septum is mostly contained within the nose. Therefore, altering the position of the septum is unlikely to cause major cosmetic changes unless performed alongside a rhinoplasty. In some cases, the change may be noticeable when looking upward because the column between the nostrils will not look uneven or crooked. This is usually not noticeable in everyday life. 

Some patients, especially those who have a deviated septum due to an injury or severe cases, may see cosmetic changes due to a septoplasty. Occasionally, a deviated septum may contribute to a hump on the nose or a crooked nose. When correcting the septum, these issues may also resolve. 

It is common to combine a septoplasty with a cosmetic rhinoplasty. In fact, estimates place around half of all nose jobs also includes surgical correction of the septum. This procedure is sometimes referred to as septorhinoplasty.

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