A rhinoplasty—or nose job—sometimes has to completely restructure the nose including the bone, cartilage, and internal structures. Occasionally, a plastic surgeon will take cartilage from elsewhere on the body such as the rib to support the new structure. This can worry patients and they may ask, “Does rhinoplasty weaken your nose?”

If done right, your nose will have a strong structure when it heals. Patients hear of noses collapsing after rhinoplasty. This is possible, but typically only occurs when the rhinoplasty was performed incorrectly. Either the surgical techniques were poorly performed or the patient was not initially a candidate. 

For most rhinoplasty surgeries that only address cartilage of small cosmetic issues, there is very little risk of collapse because the structures are not being majorly altered. When a patient has their nose job performed by an experienced facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. David Santos, there is little risk of such a complication.

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