Rhinoplasty surgery consistently remains one of the most popular plastic surgeries around the world. However, like with all surgeries, patients do worry about the possibility of scars. While an open rhinoplasty does not often leave external scars, it is not a technique commonly performed anymore. So, let’s look at the question, “Does rhinoplasty leave a scar?”

The incision for rhinoplasty surgery is made along the columella of the nose and sometimes extends just underneath the nose. This means that the incision is well hidden and not usually visible unless the head is tipped back or closely examined. Thus, this incision can turn into a scar. 

However, this area often heals well and patients tend to see minimal scarring. This will vary based on the patient and their medical history. If a patient has a history of scarring, then Dr. Santos may craft a plan to minimize it both during and after surgery. Most patients see little noticeable scarring, especially years after the procedure.

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