Facial plastic surgery is a big decision for many patients because the face is so interconnected and can make a significant impact on your outward appearance. That is why it is recommended that when considering facial plastic surgery, you seek a qualified facial plastic surgeon. Let’s look at one of the concerns patients have, “Does rhinoplasty affect your teeth?”

Due to nerves that pass through both the nasal and mouth areas, you may feel some pain in your teeth following rhinoplasty and/or septoplasty surgery. For the most part, this is normal and will get better with time. You may even experience minor swelling or numbness around or inside your mouth. Again, these usually pass with no major complications or hindrances.

There are some possible complications of rhinoplasty surgery related to the teeth or mouth. It can cause some discoloration or even weaken the teeth. These complications are extremely rare, but if you have concerns, you should follow up with your surgeon. Normally, there are no lasting complications of the teeth following rhinoplasty.

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