Fat transfer to the face—sometimes called facial fat transfer—is an option for adding volume to the face including in the cheeks, under eyes, temples, and nasolabial folds. For patients who have experienced facial fat loss prematurely or naturally have uneven features, this poses a great facial rejuvenation option. So, “Does facial fat transfer look natural?”

In most cases, fat transfer to the face is one of the most natural options for adding volume to the face. Unlike other procedures like dermal fillers, facial fat transfer can provide longer lasting and even permanent results. Since Dr. Santos uses fat to add volume, it tends to look and feel completely natural. 

Initially, your face will likely have some swelling and more fat than necessary. This is because some fat is not expected to survive. The transfer of a little extra fat accounts for this and allows patients to have better results in the long run. The transferred fat is susceptible to loss with future aging and weight loss. However, it will act just like natural fat in the face.

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