Does Face Liposuction Hurt?

Face liposuction most commonly addresses the chin, but can also occasionally treat other areas such as the cheeks in rare circumstances. When seeking the procedure, patients are often astounded that they can undergo the procedure under local anesthesia and that the procedure does not require major recovery like other facial plastic surgeries. There is still a recovery, but patients tend to bounce back quickly. Thus, let’s examine the question, “Does face liposuction hurt?”

During surgery, patients have either undergone injections of local anesthetic or are fully sedated under general anesthesia. Therefore, patients should remain perfectly comfortable during facial liposuction surgery. Even under local anesthesia, patients usually only feel some light pressure and movement, but not pain.

After surgery, some post-operative discomfort is normal. However, many patients find it fairly manageable, sometimes even without prescription medications. Wearing your compression garment can also help reduce swelling and overall discomfort.

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