Chin liposuction is the top liposuction procedure performed on the face. The under the chin area collects fat naturally, although it usually begins to thin through adulthood. Some people may find fat in this area is particularly stubborn, have a genetic predisposition to storing fat in the chin, or have a condition that contributes. In many of these cases, Dr. Santos can perform liposuction to improve the chin contour and facial contour. Before the procedure, patients often ask, “Does chin liposuction last?”

When Dr. Santos removes fat with liposuction, these fat cells cannot return. However, remaining and existing fat cells can expand which can reverse the results of liposuction. If you continue to live a healthy lifestyle, this is unlikely to happen. Other factors like aging and medical conditions can also cause fat to collect under the chin. 

Luckily, in the best candidates for chin lipo, the fat is unlikely to return soon after the procedure. Generally, you can consider the results permanent because as you age, your face will still look better than if you never underwent the procedure. Dr. Santos will evaluate the cause of the stubborn fat, your anatomy, and surrounding structures. This will allow him to determine if chin liposuction is right for you. 

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