Chin liposuction is most commonly used to remove the appearance of a “double chin” that occurs due to genetics or other factors. Removing this small portion of fat can help slim the overall appearance of the face. People who are interested in chin liposuction often ask, “Does chin lipo improve jawline?”

Chin liposuction can improve the jawline. Sometimes a recessed chin, which can exacerbate the look of a double chin, can be addressed by removing fat. This can create an overall slimmer jawline. However, in some cases, the facial anatomy is not adequate enough for this fat removal to be enough to achieve the patient’s ideal jawline. In these cases, Dr. Santos may recommend placing a chin implant at the same time.

When a chin implant is placed, this elongates the look of the jawline. When the fat deposits under the chin are removed at the same time, this defines the jawline and generally improves the entire facial structure. However, in some cases, one procedure or the other may be enough to provide the ideal results.

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