Chin liposuction, also called submental liposuction, removes excess fat that collects underneath the chin. A common concern that patients have with this procedure is that the removal of fat will leave them with extra skin, or that the skin will not adequately contract. These are legitimate concerns. So, let’s take a closer look at the question, “Does chin lipo cause loose skin?”

For most patients and those who are good candidates for the procedure, no. The skin should retract in the months following the procedure. However, in older patients who have poor skin laxity or quality, or those with certain medical conditions, chin liposuction may not be recommended. Conversely, Dr. Santos may recommend chin lipo in addition to another procedure.

For example, if a patient has extra submental fat that they want to get rid of, but are 65 and already have some sagging skin, Dr. Santos may recommend chin liposuction with a facelift for the best results. This will vary greatly from patient to patient.

Younger patients in good health generally do not have to worry about skin retraction following chin liposuction, especially if they wear their chin strap during recovery. To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 206-430-1035. You can also reach out online via Price Simulator, chat, and contact form.