A nose job, formally known as a rhinoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure that alters the shape of the nose. It most commonly addresses humps on the bridge of the nose, makes the nose smaller, and eases airflow through the nose. When considering the surgery, patients often wonder, “Does a nose job last forever?” This is an understandable question since the results of many cosmetic procedures change over time. 

Rhinoplasty tends to involve bone, cartilage, and skin with little soft tissue manipulation. This increases the permanence of results since bone and cartilage do not shift with age as skin and tissue do. Humps, a corrected deviated septum, or changes in the size of the nose typically do not return because it is impossible for them to without other forms of surgery or injury. 

With that said, injury to the nose can interfere with nose job results. However, this is largely one of the only factors that can impact the look of your Seattle rhinoplasty results. This makes a rhinoplasty one of the longest lasting plastic surgeries and, in most cases, a permanent result. 

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