Brow lift surgery is a frequently performed anti-aging surgery for the upper face. It also helps lift sagging brows back into their natural position along the brow bone. Many brow lift patients have used Botox and—while Botox can help prevent wrinkles—it cannot completely halt the aging that would cause the need for a brow lift. This can lead to questions, “Do you still need Botox after a brow lift?”

Following brow lift surgery, the skin and structures of the upper face are tighter and look younger. However, while a brow lift does turn back time on aging, it cannot stop it from recurring. Therefore, wrinkles may still form and sagging may recur in a decade or two. Botox can help curb wrinkles and slow the aging process.

With that said, it is completely up to the patient whether or not they want to continue Botox injections. If the patient wants to continue injections, they will need to wait until they have healed from their brow lift. Usually in eight to twelve weeks after surgery, Dr. Santos will okay Botox injections.

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