One of the main risks of surgery–especially in patients over fifty–is general anesthesia. It often causes side effects and can come with its own complications separate from the surgery itself. When considering an anti-aging facial plastic, one of the top concerns for both the patient and Dr. Santos is their ability to withstand general anesthesia. Let’s look at the question, “Do you have to be put under for a brow lift?”

Traditionally, brow lifts were performed under general anesthesia. This meant that some patients who were otherwise good candidates may not be able to undergo the procedure. However, better surgical techniques now allow for Dr. Santos to successfully perform a brow lift under local anesthesia with light, oral sedation. The patient remains perfectly comfortable.

This eliminates the risks associated with general anesthesia and reduces overall surgery risk. Since a brow lift typically takes around an hour or two, local anesthesia can be used and does not require constant administration. So, in short, no, you do not necessarily need to be put under for a brow lift.

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