Anti-aging surgeries such as facelifts and brow lifts involve incisions on or near the face. Understandably, this can cause concern for patients about possible future scarring and the location of the incisions. For a brow lift, the incisions are typically hidden in the hairline which brings up questions such as, “Do they shave your head for a brow lift?”

Typically, no, there is no reason to shave the head for a brow lift because the incisions involve removing and tightening the skin. Due to this, some hair may be trimmed, but this is generally not overly noticeable. Not all patients will require this trimming. Hair helps hides the incisions and any scarring later on. 

Hair is so important for the aesthetics of a brow lift that patients with no or little hair are often not candidates since the scarring would be too visible and the end result not ideal. Patients can feel reassured that major shaving or trimming is not necessary for a brow lift surgery. 

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