Facelifts rank among the most popular plastic surgeries every year. However, there are still stigmas that surround facelifts. Botched results, celebrities whose faces were forever changed, and results from decades ago. This can leave many potential facelift patients hesitant and ask, “Do facelifts ever look natural?”

The answer is yes. In fact, most facelifts look natural when going to a qualified facial plastic surgeon. The windswept results many associate with unnatural facelifts are either results using older techniques that are no longer practiced, or a botched result by an inexperienced or unqualified surgeon. Sometimes the windswept look occurs in men because surgeons are not familiar with the differences between male and female facial structures and over-tighten the skin. 

Dr. Santos has over three decades of experience and uses cutting edge techniques. He has performed facelifts on a diverse range of patients including men, women, and adults ranging from 45 to 45. Beyond this, he has also performed facial plastic surgeries on an even larger scale of patients. 

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