Many patients who come in seeking a facelift, eyelid surgery, or other facial plastic surgery are often interested in more than procedure or could benefit from more than one. There is a common misconception that each facial plastic surgery must be a separate surgery. However, this is fundamentally not true. Most facial plastic surgery procedures can be safely performed together, and often is safer than undergoing two different surgeries.

Other than the safety benefits of combining two surgeries in one, choosing another procedure can provide better results than just one. For example, facelift patients usually benefit from CO2 laser resurfacing to even the skin tone and treat skin discoloration that a facelift cannot address. This leads to even more noticeable results and can correct more cosmetic concerns than one procedure can. 

Dr. Santos uses local anesthesia during many of his procedures to increase the safety of the plastic surgeries he performs. Along with combining surgeries, this can lead to an easier and more comfortable recovery. 

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