The cheeks are a frequent area of concern for patients seeking facial plastic surgery. Whether it be due to aging, genetics, or weight fluctuation, the cheek area can cause a variety of cosmetic issues that patients want to be addressed. Two of the most popular procedures for cheek enhancement include cheek augmentation and buccal fat removal. Which one is right for you? Let’s look at cheek implants vs. buccal fat removal.


Out of the two procedures, buccal fat removal is the most common. Though, cheek implants do have a variety of benefits. It is more likely for Dr. Santos to recommend starting off with cheek filler to determine if you like what cheek implants could achieve. In general, cheek implants are best for patients who do not have pronounced cheekbones or too much chubbiness.


Buccal fat removal removes all or some of the buccal fat pads in the midface. This is usually when a patient continues to have facial fullness well into adulthood. It is normal for the fat in the cheeks to recede throughout adolescence and early adulthood. This does not occur for all patients, however, and can leave them looking childish or with a heavy face. Buccal fat removal can define their cheekbones and provide a more mature appearance. 


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