“Cell-enriched fat injections” or fat grafting is a new technique that shows some promise. 

Today’s traditional fat-grafting techniques are quite successful as they provide a more permanent option  for facial rejuvenation when compared to the traditional well known filler technique applications such as juvederm(r), restylane(r), and radiesse(r).  However, one of the down sides of fat-grafting is that often, only 30% of cells transplanted survive.  This still is a reasonable success rate but obviously there is needed room for improvement.

“Cell-enriched fat grafting” enters this niche to try to improve on the grafting take.  The enrichment of an individual patient’s own fat with stem regenerative cells can provide potential significant enhancement of success and efficiency for facial filler rejuvenation.  Fat is taken from the patient’s stomach primarily, but can also be obtained from thighs, and flank.  Regenerative and stem cells are taken from the fat and concentrated, and these  extracted cells are then combined with some of the patient’s own fat tissue, which forms a cell-enriched fat graft that is subsequently injected into the specific area of concern.

There is future promise for stem cell grafting for patients in the US; this is a promising technology as theoretically, more concentrated regenerative stem cells are superior in efficacy to concentrated fat due to the greater concentration.  We know from past experience over the last 2 decades, that the more concentrated the fat for fat grafting, the better success.  Now additional engineering on this important cosmetic use is on the horizon.

Nonetheless, as always with new technologies, caution is suggested.  There are many kinks to unravel as the studies become more available. 

Cytori therapeutics (www.cytori.com, CYTX), recently  received additional patents which involve the preparation of adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells.  Cytori is a leading medical technology company, that is focused on achieving full potential of adult regenerative cells from adipose tissue applications. 

Dr. David Santos- FacialBeauty.com