One of the signs of aging that most concerns patients is jowl sagging. This involves loose and extra skin collecting along the jawline and lower cheeks. Occasionally, small fat pockets may also accumulate in the area. This can age the face prematurely and cause patients distress. They often come in asking, “Can sagging jowls be fixed?”

The answer–as most patients are glad to hear–is a resounding yes. Sagging jowls of any severity can be treated effectively. Dr. Santos can use both surgical and non-surgical methods to address the jowl area. The most frequently associated procedure is a facelift. A facelift clears away the extra skin and provides a lithe contour. However, a facelift is only necessary for severely sagging skin. 

If you are just beginning to see skin sagging, there are many non-surgical treatments that can offer skin tightening results. Among the best of these are RF microneedling and laser treatments. Both of these stimulate collagen to make your skin more supple and elastic, which reduces and slows sagging. 

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