A brow lift is a facial plastic surgery that corrects brow sagging, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. During the procedure, Dr. Santos will make small incisions hidden in the hairline and lift the skin and underlying muscles. He will do this precisely to make sure it looks natural and complements the rest of your face. But, what about your recovery?

A brow lift recovery varies based on the patient and type of brow lift Dr. Santos performed. Before you leave after surgery, Dr. Santos will make sure to give you specified recovery instructions.

In general, you can expect to wear a forehead wrap for a few days, elevate the head of the bed for up to two weeks, and avoid exercise for at least two weeks. Dr. Santos clears his brow lift patients for work on a case-by-case basis, but most return within a week of surgery. 

Especially when Dr. Santos performs your Seattle brow lift under local anesthesia, there is limited need for pain medication. However, he will likely prescribe oral medications for the first few days of recovery. He will also ask you to avoid over-the-counter painkillers like Ibuprofen because they can worsen swelling and bruising.

A brow lift by Dr. Santos requires only a short recovery time due to his advanced techniques and decades of experience working as a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. In a consultation, Dr. Santos can answer all of your questions about a brow lift recovery. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Santos, call us at 206-430-1035 or contact us online.