fanny123 in USA asks:

“Can Botox be used for the orbicularis oris muscle? That particular muscle is too built up on my face and gives me a masculine appeal. I attached a photo of a woman who’s muscle around her top lip is built up similarly to mine. It’s the part circled in red.”


Botox(R) can be used for the orbicularis oris muscle. This is the muscle that encircles the lips and is predominantly responsible for pursing the lips, whistling, kissing and some of the function related to smiling. Nonetheless, one of the most common concerns about the lips is that of vertical lines, or “smoker’s” lines. Small doses of Botox(R) delivered into the wrinkles can achieve some good reduction of the vertical lines when done by an experienced cosmetic physician. It is important not to use too much Botox(R) in these areas as it can affect overall function of the mouth, but small doses do an excellent job of improving these vertical lines. Thus, as far as the orbicularis oris muscle this is the major area that can be treated. – David Santos MD, FACS